2023 Christmas Trend Ideas

Published On November 29, 2023


Korin Binder

Exploring trends this year reveals delightful ideas in Christmas decor! Here are some of my favorites listed below, along with links to purchase these items. While there are numerous other options to choose from, these suggestions can serve as a starting point for preserving your cherished memories and enhancing your Holiday Decor from 2023, ensuring a festive ambiance for years to come.

Platform Gift Trees

I’ve come across the most innovative holiday decor idea– the platform gift Christmas tree! Imagine a tree with circular platforms resembling a lazy Susan, perfect for displaying gifts at each tier. Adorned with tree trim at every level, it is GENIUS! For the best selection of original platform Christmas tree designs, look no further than Holiday Celebration Trees. What sets these trees apart is their versatility – not just limited to Christmas, they can be used year-round for various holidays. Equipped with integrated LED lights featuring a memory function controller, customizable platforms, and an adjustable height from 3 to 7 feet, these trees are both space-efficient and eco-friendly.

Mantels Adorned with Heavy and Asymmetrical Garland

A second 2023 Christmas Trend Idea is the distinctive look of draping fireplace mantels with lush garlands featuring an asymmetrical flair! Most garland comes with LED lights, offering various modes such as slow or fast blinking or a steady glow. The combination of greenery, berries, and twigs in an asymmetrical arrangement creates a natural and festive appearance. Here are some favorite components to blend together, forming a dramatic focal point in your room!

Basic Greenery as a Base

Twigs with Lights

Layer in Berries

Click on Photos to Purchase These from Amazon

Jewel Tones – Viva Magenta #1 Christmas Color for 2023

We’re spotlighting magenta as the Christmas color trend of 2023! The designated Pantone color for the year, Viva Magenta 18-1750, showcases a luxurious pink shade influenced by nature, stemming from refined undertones of red and purple. This hue is thought to exude a revitalizing aura of resilience. If magenta isn’t your top pick, take comfort in knowing that all jewel tones are fashionable choices this year!

Purchase my favorite round and finial shaped jewel tone ornaments at Amazon below:

Shiny and Sparkles

Surprisingly, the 1950s vintage silver tinsel icicles are staging a comeback! Shimmer and shine are highly popular. Any ornaments featuring a glossy or sparkly finish that you add to your tree will capture the light and sparkle. Additionally, outdoor lighted trees, including those crafted for year-round display, are also in style.

The icicles you remember! Click here to buy

Outdoor Sparkle Lighted Willow Christmas Tree – click below to buy


At first, the notion of a gonk was foreign, but now it’s completely clear! Gonks are beings rooted in Nordic mythology, inspired by gnomes and hobgoblins. They play the role of the Nordic counterpart to Santa and possess considerable charm. This trend surfaced in 2020 and remains a widely embraced and fashionable craze this year. Not to mention how adorable they are! Click on these to see the Gonks/Gnomes!


Taking inspiration from the Amanita Muscaria mushroom traditionally featured on German Christmas trees, these have become the latest trend in 2023! Recognizable by its distinctive red and white speckles, this mushroom typically thrives deep in the forest, often at the base of pine trees. Stumbling upon one is considered a fortunate event, despite its dual nature as both poisonous and rumored to be hallucinogenic. In Germany, this variety of mushroom is known as Gluckspilz, translating to “lucky mushroom.” Placing them on the Christmas tree served as a symbol of luck, believed to bring blessings to one’s home.

Here are a set of mushrooms but all you need is one for luck! Click on the photo below:

I hope you enjoy my favorite new Christmas decor trends and ideas! Kensington for Home wishes you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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