Heavenly Laundry Detergent -Yes there is such a Thing!

Published On November 9, 2023


Korin Binder

This company makes several scents but I am fully addicted to the High Maintenance version.  It is a floral, woody blend combined with patchouli and vanilla with a heavy musk undertone.    I can smell it all the way down the hall when I am using it in the washing machine.  Purchase Here!

It can be used for hand wash and washing machines including HE machines.  It is designed to clean effectively and also remain gentle on delicate linens, lingerie and other fine fabrics while being phosphate-free!  My favorite use is for sheets.

It is unbelievably addictive. In fact, I am forced to step into my laundry room and open the container every time I walk by to take in the fresh woody, patchouli, vanilla and musky undertones! My husband is always asking when I will wash the sheets again. The strangest behavior of all is lifting my washed undies and bras out of the drawer and inhaling a whiff of heaven before I get dressed in the morning! LOL

Honestly, it is kind of pricey but so are most things that are addictive!  They recommend 1/3 cup per load but and I use only 1 capful in my wash with my other detergent since it is so concentrated and delivers a nice, fresh scent to my clothes, towels and sheets! Using the small amount allows it to last a long time.

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