Window Coverings As Easy as 1-2-3

Published On October 20, 2023


Korin Binder

The days of ordering window coverings at a big-box store or taking measurements yourself – crossing your fingers they are correct – and ordering is OVER! KB|Kensington for Home has simplified the process without sacrificing quality.

How to Contact Us

Send us your contact information; we’ll schedule your in-home consultation, aka bring the store TO YOU, and take all the measurements! It’s so easy. All window coverings are made to order – special for you. Ordering easy – check. Installation is just as easy using our professional installers.

Whether it’s drapes, simple blinds, roman shades, or plantation shutters, to name a few, we have you covered. Manual or remote control at your fingertips. We also have the solution for the Texas sun and heat on your patios – Kensington Outdoor living systems are there for you.

Our passion is helping you find the final touches for your home.

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